Can anyone shed some light on this situation? I am really bummed and wanted to know your opinion?

I am supposed to go on a date with this guy. After following up with him this morning, He apparently has a kiler headache and wanted to reschedule tomorrow since he just want to rest today. I responded with " It's been nice knowing you. Take Care"
I didn't hear a text back from him.

I'm just so bummed. He planned this "date" last week Saturday saying he wanted to see me. So wtf?
This is the 2nd time I believe.


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  • Pretty shitty on your part

    • hahah what?
      This is the 2nd time he is bailing, always excuses.

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  • 2nd time he has canceled on you? What was the reason the first time?

    • Last week we were supposed to hang out on Sunday, and I didn't hear a follow through from him. So it didn't happen at all.

      Then today, we planned a date and same shit, but this time the excuse is he has a "killer headache" bull shit. I'm just so pissed right now.

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    • K I read your response to someone else here and you had gone out with this guy before? I can see why jot contact in between and bailing day off would come off the way it did then.

      Hey, if you're feeling sidelined then trust your gut I guess.

    • Yes I have this is like our 4th date or something but lately it's just been downhill and flakey... it sucks because I really like him.

  • Well I get really bad headaches so he's probably telling the truth. That was kind of mean of you and I wouldn't text you back either. Maybe you should apologize.

    • He bailed on me 2 times, it seems like bull shit to me.

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    • I just didn't hear from him on the DAY OF.
      4 days later I was like "hey what happened on Sunday?" and then he was like "I didn't hear from you since like Thursday."

      Seriously, wtf. Mind you, on the 1st and 2nd date, he was SO aggressive and always the one who makes sure we are still on. So for him to be waning down, was kind of a sign, it's weird.

    • You should talk to him. Find out what's going on

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