Would you date a blind person that is way out of your league?

Or would you feel guilty dating them?

I wouldn't


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't really have the mindset of 'he is out of my league, why bother trying'

    • Fair enough. Thanks for the feedback

  • If u love them yes. Same goes for all kinds of other people

    • You wouldn't feel guilty knowing they probably wouldn't be interested if they could see you?

    • Not at all. You exept it all.

    • And Dont talk so low of yourself. Bad for the soul..

What Guys Said 1

  • Fuck no I wouldn't feel guilty, not for a minute. For one,... It's pretty obvious that blind people aren't caught up with superficial things like looks... No, if they are attracted to someone it is more in the area of other kinds of connections, like mental and emotional stimulation as the initial attraction.
    Besides, just because you may be ugly as fuck doesn't mean that you are not worthy of having a mental, emotional, and physical connection with someone even though they might be blind as to what you look like on the outside.

    • All fair points

      But I'd be thinking if they were able to judge appearance, they'd be out in a heart beat.

    • Ehh... Regardless... if they have fallen in love with you for you... For who you really are, then so what?
      It would be you that has the insecurity, not them.

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