Is he trying to give a hint or what?

There is this guy I like/d. At first, he told me that he wasn't interested in a relationship but that he was okay with being friends. Then we started talking more; we would go back and forth starting conversations with each other. Then we went to a football game that I thought would be a date with just us two, but his friends were there. When I asked him about it, he said that being alone WAS his intention but that he "gave into peer pressure." For a while, he would smile when he'd see me and seemed genuinely happy to see me. Then we lost contact after I waited a while to text him. He sent me a rose and singing valentine for Valentine's Day but then seemed annoyed when I made it my new profile picture. Please help me out here.


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  • Do not always be carried away, by what someone does to you. I think you over reacted. A thank you would have been okay. after he sent the flower. People desire you when you have confidence in yourself, you can do by giving the signal that "I like you, but with or without you I am still happy".


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  • He is either not that into you or he considers your behavior sort of needy.