He is postponing first date without apology, asked for a raincheck and what days suits me. Sign that he is not keen?

There is no apology or emergency that requires him to cancel the first date. He has given me a day notice, he simply said I might go to... because it's my turn to take care of some stuff.

Then he asked if we could go for a coffee or quick dinner sometime during the week.

We have never met before, he skipped all the standard quetios by emailing me directly in the system. He talks about himself mostly and the questions he asked me was pretty shallow ones.


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  • Your relationship radar is working well I think your probably right if your keen and can't get out of a previous fragment then you trip over yourself to get them to understand.
    However don't right him of totally. Play cool see how hard he chases back. I don't usually recommend this but there is a slim chance he's not good in social communication and is in more of you so give him a chance its so early on in your relationship

    • I'm with you if he is keen he should have own it up and say I'm sorry I have double booked myself can I please make a rain check. Instead of saying I might go to... Does it work to do coffee / dinner during the week.

      I'm not taking it personally as I know he flakes on his own words as well. I know base on how he told me he often say something about doing some uni work and hardly follow through.

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    • To be honest I feel a bit rude to ignore but I'm guess that's the best option

    • Private message me if you would like to chat further. I don't mind either way but feel we will chat about other subjects too.

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  • do you know about that song about ''nice guys'' on youtube?
    the lyrics go a bit like this
    ''nice guys finish last thats
    why i'll treat you like trash its
    not really what i want to do
    but you only date bad guys so
    i'll give it my best try to
    treat you the way you want me to''

    maybe he's just being an ass because he's afraid he'll otherwise lose you.

    • I like someone who can be real. This is not a good start but I will see go he follows through

  • Sounds like this guy is really self absorbed, or he could be juggling a few dates. Give him a chance to get to know him, but don't have any expectation.


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  • No, if he rearranged, it means that he just couldn't make it.

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