Should I just move on and never speak to him?

we dated for about 2 months, before that he was a friend for about a year. At the beginning, we agreed that we didn't want anything serious. We both work long hours, and his last relationship still has him a bit leary. We would see eachother about once a week. We connected, conversation never felt forced, and we always had fun with eachother. We were very affectionate with eachother, we fooled around, and we had sex once. The last time i saw him, we went out to lunch, and after i went with along with him on some errands he had to run. We had a good time as always. Thats the last time i spoke to him. A full month ago.

And here's the best part, i saw him on the street the ither day. I think he saw me too, and when he did he darted across the street. So i think he's avoiding me. Awesome.

i don't expect anything serious to develop out of this, but at the same time i'd still like to speak with him and see how he's doing. Should i even bother getting in contact?

  • Let it go, he's done with you
  • Shoot him a "how's it going" text
  • He should contact you
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  • Just shoot him a "hig" text. I think maybe the relationship was getting more and more serious for him and he felt the need to cool off and back off.


What Girls Said 1

  • He just might not have seen you.

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