I think I need help cause I suck with girls?

I am a college student, fairly new (4-5 months) i have made lots of friends, i've noticed that many girls keep staring at me be it at class or on campus whenever iam hanging out with friends, or even at the mall, resturants... etc in short girls find me good looking and they can't keep their eyes off me and some are extremely hot and beuatiful... thats cool and all except that i suck with girls, yeah i said it I don't know how to approach girls, every girl i approached ended up having a boyfriend, its gotten to a ridiculous point where i assume from the get go that a girl is taken since it happened 10/10 times...

as i said lots of girls give me attention, signs and can't keep their eyes off me but if they're taken it means absolutly nothing, i tried talking to some of these girls, some ignored me some stopped responding after few days... now there is a girl on campus who i find attractive she obviously finds me attractive too, i see her with 1-2 girls and another 2-3 guys all the time iam not sure if she's taken or not but our eyes have defintely met more than once and tbh, looks wise iam much more good looking than any of the guys around her... but again iam a "taken chicks" magnet, its soooooo annoying tbh.

What do you think any ideas?


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  • i can't really give advice cuz i really suck at making any type of friend

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