Help me out, is she playing games?

We are decently close, and we usually text all the time. Recently, texting slowed down, but we still talk. I wished her a Happy Easter and made some Easter puns. She replied hours later, saying she was not feeling good and sorry for later reply. Told her to feel better. She messages me later in the day, saying "Waiting for it" and she put up an Easter pun on SC. We joked about it, and then I asked her somehting, no reply, snapchat her, no reply. Ask her, said she's "not feeling good" but she's posting on social media and so on. I then send her a message hours later, she opens instantly doesn't respond, again posting on social media. WTF, she has time to talk to others but why ignore me?


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  • Could be boredom with the conversation.
    Or maybe she's not messaging anyone but only using social media.
    I done this a ton when I don't feel like dealing with humans


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  • It sounds like she is playing hard to get, so yes she is trying to play games.