He hasn't said I love You?

I've told my 3 month boyfriend I love him at least 3-4 times and he only responds with high pitched ohs or surprise happy mumbles. But he hasn't said I love you.
Why hasn't he said I love you?

feel free to ask me questions!
I really want to hear him say those three words...

One time we where saying good bye and out of habit I said,"Bye, love you." Because I say that every morning to my mom.
I heard a small mumble that sounded like he replied with I love you to. But I don't know because I couldn't hear him and he doesn't do anything in public really.
He has said I like you like you, but hasn't said I love you. I'm really just wondering if he's nervous or not ready or whatever.


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  • I had to force the words out of my S/O while simultaneously embarrassing myself lol. Me with a friends old steel guitar singing 1,2,3,4 I Love you ~ Plain white Tee's song. xD

    It was really embarassing but I'm thankful for her twin to pick up where i tottally messed up the notes lol.

    Ether way sometimes you just gotta show that your okay with the mess of a boy friend or girlfriend your partner you have. And that your just as much or more of a fool. Now we get comments ranging from I wish my relationship was as good as yours. To "Damn, I wish my Boyfriend would do that with me." like when we get caught together in the hammock togther.

    Ether way I just think he needs to know your invested and that its okay for him to take a step off the beaten path.

    • Beaten path?

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    • Thanks best of luck to you ^w^/) bye miss *waves*

    • Thank you! Bye! 🙋🏾

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  • Because he doesn't feel the same. You guys have been together for three months he maybe doesn't feel the same way about you. Now this doesn't mean he won't ever love you but right now he doesn't feel that way about you. I wouldn't tell my girlfriend I loved her if I didn't I'd tell her I don't feel the same way but I do care for you and I know I will just not yet.

    • No, he loves me. He just hasn't said it. Thank you though

    • There's nothing wrong with him not loving you right you said he likes you like you. I'm basically just saying give him time he'll say it. Anyways goodluck

    • Thank you!

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