Girls, Help me out please I really need it Will u help?

Every one I ever dated tried to kill me. I'm 15 and I really need help I have been bullied stages shot at and had a couple broken bones just by asking some one out I really need advice becuse I'm through with being treated like this so if you have any good advice please help me


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  • That sounds horrible, I don't mean it in a pitty way but that's so extreme. Well for one, take what's happened and learn from it. Pay attention to the common signs and next time around use that. After all we learn from experience. I've never had someone try to kill me but I have had two people wish death on me in my life time. Sadly one of them is my first love and recent ex 😔 the other is my only and first bully. But keep your chin up there are good people out there. You just have to find them get to know them and then surround yourself with people you trust and are good.
    And most importantly stay a good person yourself, eventually someone will see you for who you are and treat you good.

    • The thing is I try all of these things but nothing worked.

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    • It's very understandable to have trust issues, but I suppose the only advice that might help is well one counseling. You need to be comfortable with yourself and be able to vent, and trust yourself to be good with choosing who you associate with, I think counseling would help, I'm sure you could learn great tips from a professional, and it'll help you apply it to others, to help with those trust issues.
      Then ultimately you'll just be left with the choice of who you associate with and date, and when you choose to do so. There are good girls out there! But it takes times to find them so you can't give up if you want to find a nice girl. It seems hard but trust me there are

    • Well I can learn to trust but the last thing is I'm still way to ugly

  • How about not date? Sounds like the safe option.

    • Well i want to date a certiant girl i just don't know how