How do you get over having a crush on your best female freind?

I'd ask her out but I don't think that we would work as a couple and I don't want to accidently hurt her by telling her that I like her.


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  • It depends on what she wants really. She might have the same opinion on being a couple might not work but if you like her just tell her. I don't see how it can accidentally hurt her by telling her you like her more than a friend as long as you don't say it in a jerk way.

    • That is what I thought about a girl that I liked in Highschool. She only though of me as her freind and when I asked her to prom she started crying and asked how I could betray her like that. Many women feel that if you develop feelings for your female freinds and tell them about it then all you have done is used their freindship to get into their pants.

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    • How did it go?

    • Well it still has not happened the week that I was going to ask her out a ton of drama happened and I now have two exfreinds that I was really close to. Two months after that I got up the courage to try and flirt with her. She got shy again. Now that 5 months have passed were back to talking without it being awkward and I'm trying to figure out how to tell her that I like her and that I would like to go on a date with her.

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  • Just continue the friendship, and keep telling yourself you know a relationship wouldn't work with her. Also, you'd jeopardise a great friendship if you risked telling her. Just because someone is a good friend , that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be a great potential partner.


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  • I had a similar issue; except my feelings grew really strong over the course of a few years, and in that time she also got a boyfriend :/

    If you're sure of your feelings, try and assess her reaction, maybe speak to someone else who knows you both to get another perspective, and if it's all good then go for it. You don't want to miss your chance and regret it later.

    If you're not sure, wait.
    Your feelings may die down, and I doubt you want to potentially spoil a good friendship, which could happen either if she turns you down, or you end up having a bad relationship with her.