How to get over 'singles' blues?

So I am nearing my 21st birthday, and have been single my whole life.
I currently live in a dorm where most people (not even kidding) are in steady relationships. Usually I'm the third wheel, and most times I don't actually mind being single, but sometimes it does get me down.
I'm not hugely introverted, I get out a lot and meet new people. Just, nobody has ever asked me out, or I've always been turned down when I do the asking.
So, how do I get over these 'singles blues'? What do you do?
Curious to know :)


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  • I just focus on myself and doing stuff that makes me happy and keeping my grades up


What Girls Said 1

  • I try to keep myself busy. I find I'm the loneliest when I am by myself and am not really that busy.

    It's definitely frustrating, and I feel your pain. I'm 26 and I am no longer in school. I don't meet any guys at work, and I certainly don't meet any guys when I am out and about.

    I'm very friendly, nice and understanding. And I get told all the time that a guy would be lucky to have me (by friends, by guys). But no one asks me out. When I meet a guy and start talking to him, usually it comes out he has a girlfriend. So then I get sad bc that's usually always the case. I meet a really great guy, then find out he's got a girlfriend.

    I'm also online, and that's also tough. I find I'll talk to guys, and then they don't ask me anything. They don't even try to get to know me. So I move on. The only one's interested in talking to me either aren't actually interested in me and are just bored, or they're only looking for sex.

    I definitely feel where you are coming from. It's really tough out there. And most of my friends are married with kids and that makes me feel even more lonely. I worry I'll be alone in my old age and no one will visit me :(