How do you find out if your GF/BF is using you and he/she isn't in love with you?

Don't thank me, your majesty! Hail the King!👑
Don't thank me, your majesty! Hail the King! 👑


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  • Personally, I believe if someone genuinely like's you then you'll know it. If they don't, you'll feel confused and full of doubt about their intentions

    • It's really confusing me, the fact that I can feel her taking advantage of me but my heart is blinding me from seeing the truth.. Not once but several occasions

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    • Your highness! Hail the Queen! 👑

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  • Hmm well I suppose by her actions I mean look at her actions in an unbiased way, compare them to a girl who did love you if you've had another one that has if not then think how a women in love with you would act and then compare them to a girl that didn't love you.

    Of course what you also must realize is that she way just not love you or love you yet I guess, I mean sometimes love is a bit one sided for a time as it's not something you can force, it has to come around on it's own.


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