How do I ask a girl if she wants to be my girlfriend?

I really like this girl and she likes me back
The said she already found her soulmate with a heart and smiling face emoji 😏❤ to me
And that i should know who it is
So does she want to be my girlfriend
If so... how do i ask her if i can consider her my girlfriend

Her exact words were
Her : "I already found my soulmate"
me : who is it
Her : you should know ❤😏


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  • Have you two been out together? On a date or such?

    • Her parents doesn't want her to go out
      Because i already asked her mom
      And her mom said school first
      But we talk a lot on social media and such and me and her were best friends for almost my entire life
      We went to the same school untill we were 12
      I developed feelings for her
      And she developed feelings for me
      Because about a month ago she admitted to me that she had a huge crush on me

    • Well if you've identified that you're soulmates you're already there :)
      You don't have to *ask* her to be your girlfriend it can just happen naturally through shared experiences etc.

      Otherwise (I wouldn't recommend it) if you're looking for an actual phrase to use to ask her: "Will you be my girfriend?" could work well

    • (In my opinion you don't really ASK a girl to be your girfriend)