Girls, do I still have a good shot? Or did I blow it? Please read?

Okay so a girl from my class I've always thought very cute talked some today in class and afterwards I talked with her one on one walking down the hall, she was super friendly and social, she kept the conversation going and we ended up talking for like 17-20 minutes it was incredible there was good rapport etc, we literally stood in the cafeteria talking and laughing and it wasn't awkward at all or slow paced and it was the first time we'd talked. but I don't know what I was thinking when I asked for her number right at the end before we parted ways. now she was hesitant, I think genuinely, not sparing feelings, she kinda was like 'Ummm I mean, we just talked for the first time, I don't really know you' to which I replied 'hey that's fine I get no biggie, but is it alright if I talk to you again' I honestly didn't quite catch what she said as my brain was still processing what it had just done haha. Anyway I know it was too soon to ask obviously but we really had good rapport and she was eager to keep the conversation going could just be friendly yes but still, anyway girls did I blow any chance I might have had with her?

And if I didn't would a girl not give a number to a guy she thought cute like that? I mean is there still a chance she may like me etc? Be honest and please give opinions.

  • You did NOT blow it, she's just being careful it sounds like it's going well just keep talking, I don't think it'll weird her out really.
  • I think that kinda blew it for you sorry
  • I just don't think she's interested from how it sounds not giving her number..
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Keep in mind it's the first time we ever talked..
I mean I should add I asked for her number right before we parted so the parting was a bit awkward but before that it was incredible rapport.


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  • Nope. You didn't blow it. ;) Just trust me.


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  • She might just be caught off-guard with how quickly you move. Like she said, she just met you today and probably still confused about how she felt toward you. I don't think you blow it, there still a chance.

    Don't ask "is it alright if I talk to you again?" it sound so desperate man. Have confident and assumed you WILL talk to her again, if you so desire. You don't need her permission.

    When she said that she don't really know you, you should of replied something along the line of "that why i wanted your number, so we can talk and get to know each other *smile* " Keep the conversation light and fun, always. Don't make it awkward.

    Do not ask for her number again, but still keep talking to her if you enjoy the conversation with her. Never get reject twice by the same person. She will have to initiate and give you her number by herself from now on.

    On a last note, it never too soon to ask for someone number my friend. Just do it. If the girl refuse/not interested in you, then you move on and waste no time.


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  • I don't think you blew it as long as you don't get it stuck in your head. If you start over analyzing everything and acting nervous or awkward you are much more likely to blow it.

    But just asking her number early on, not a deal breaker. It sounds like you are doing well

  • She may have just been talking to you as a friend. You did not do anything abnormal. This is exactly how these things go, guys spark conversation with someone they are attracted to then ask for a number, if its the first time this has happened to her it won't be the last. I say keep talking to her because maybe she does want to get to know you better first, then in a few weeks try again. If she says no then, then she just wants to be friends.

  • You didn't blow it! Some girls are more cautious with handing out their number. I'm sure she really liked talking to you, but she's probably not quite ready to give you her number. Next time you see her, maybe just say hi. Don't start a convo with her, since she might think it's pushy. Give her some space but slowly start to get closer to her and she'll definitely want to talk to you more. Good luck!

    • I think I might start a conversation as it'll be a week until I see her again and I don't want her to think I'm avoiding her mad either I just won't keep it going quite as long maybe..

  • I don't think you blew it, but personally I never give my number to people I barely know, and if someone asked me for it I'm the first conversation, it would make me feel awkward around them afterwards.

    • Really? Hm I mean I was super laid back about it so it wasn't like pushy, and next time I see I'll talk casually and maybe not as long just to not make her think I'm purposely doing it hoping to ask again. You would assume a guy is interested though doing that right? So I mean yeah I'll try talking to her next week but I guess in a positive it's kinda in her court now don't you think?

      The conversation went great too so even if she's weirded a little bit I doubt it was destroyed entirely sonde we talked so long..

  • CALM DOWN. You didn't blow it. It's absolutely normal to not want to share your phone number with a guy you just met. Reach out to her at school again, but don't be to pushy. Only after you get to know each other, try to ask for her number. Or better yet, wait for her to give it to you. Just stop worrying.

    • Okay at the very least she knows I'm interested right? I mean I'll just talk casually and wait like you said, it's in her court now..

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    • I'm sorry. I pressed the wrong reply button. :P

    • You're fine thanks..

  • dw dude. you didn't blow anything

    • So you think she was just taken off guard kinda?

      I mean or do you think she just wasn't interested? I guess on the bright side it's kinda in her court now because I'd assume that she knows I'm interested.

    • i just think just taken off guard.
      most girls dont rush into such things xD even if the vibe is good

  • I think it sounds like it's going really well, and for me personally I don't give out my number until I know someone better. So just keep talking to her, get to know her better and maybe she'll offer it up. You never know

    • Akright, I'd assume she knows I'm interested in get at leafy though right? Her court now..

  • It sounds like she just likes you as a friend

    • Keep in mind this is literally the first time we ever talked, ever, would you give your phone number to a guy you literally talked to for 15 minutes? She seems very serious not a sleep around or hookup girl too. Which is fine hell I want to wait till marriage haga.

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    • She was talking to me about how those things are pointless too.

    • so then scratch that. keeping in touch is still keeping in touch and for some reason she wasn't interested in keeping in touch with you, especially during this week long break.

  • she was probably being friendly. if she was interested. she'd give you her number

    • This was literally the first time we'd ever talked face to face, so I mean I don't think we can blame it solely on that, you really think that means she was disinterested? I mean she knew we'd see each other again in class and talk so yeah.

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    • well in that case. there are those girls (and i think she's the type) that safe guard their phone number like gold.

      and scenario 2- she could have her own weird personal reasons for not giving it

      it's all going to depend on how she acts the next day. from my perspective if... whenever you meet her

      talk to her

      1. if she's shady =she's not interested
      2. if she's back to the same nice talkative person = she just had her personal reasons. and genuinely wants to get to know you better. but do not push for her phone number again.

      although a word of caution. don't go to class the next day and wait for her to approach you. that will never happen. if i was her and you didn't talk to me the next day i would think that action made you mad and i would steer away from you. so talk to her, nonchalantly, and see how that goes

    • Yeah I mean I won't see her until next Monday assuming she's there then but still I'll just after class go up to her and small talk some of the same subjects as last time, at the very least she knows I'm interested now right, so I mean the ball is kinda in her court.. and honestly with how some guys are I can see why a nice serious girl would safeguard herself..

  • she's just being polite

    • I mean that doesn't really answer the question? Did it blow it too soon, she just not interested? What

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    • I'm not trying to prove you wrong but I mean a lot of people have a different mindset about it than you is all.

    • When I said you were wrong? I'm from Europe so of course we are different

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  • You did absolutely right... men are direct and go for what they want...
    now she knows u like her... dont fall in the trap of friendzone...
    if she ever talks to u again and gives u all these signs.. ask for her number again and im sure she will give u this time..
    or simple ask her out this time... just say "hey wen r u free to go to coffee?"
    if she says no.. just walk away and never look back

    • I just mean I've never had that good of a conversation with that much rapport in the first conversation with anyone guy or girl... You think she was just cautious though? I mean it was the first time...

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    • Haha thanks your first comment I was baffled at haha😂😂 I was like 'are you a guru or something' but okay, I think it legitimately caught her off guard, I've made her laugh in class and had a great conversation with her, and now at the very least she'll know I'm interested, kinda maybe preemptively saving me the friend zone. Hey I've done all I could, I won't see her for a week which sucks but I'll be sure to talk when I see her, after a couple talks I'll ask again, although she could bring it up herself who knows?

    • STOP chasing women dude.
      and NO... u dont have to go upto her and start chatting to her and treating her like celebrity,, this is the quickest way to tell a girl ur unworthy of her and she will automatically dump u in friendzone...
      im proud of u what u did till now... this girl will sleep with u but dont fuck up by chasing her..
      but again dont ignore her too... when u see her.. just say "hey hi how r u".. and then say "hey i gotta run" and go about ur business...
      remember this girl said NO to u when u asked for her number.. that means her attraction is low and just 1 or 2 mistakes on ur part and she will completely reject.
      act like a high value alpha male who has lots of choices with women... if u keep talking to her like a friend even after she rejected u her number.. she will assume u dont have self respect and all the attraction in her mind for u will be ruined