Guys, Have you ever been to busy to get in touch? Or does it just mean you were not interested anymore?

So guys, someone who I just started seeing all of a sudden writes less and "differently". After our last date his work scedule went crazy (working 20 hours one day, 15 another etc)... besides that his dad needed surgery, two days after that his grandma fell and also needes stitches and broke her nose. So besides working he still has to help a lot around his house and go to practice (4 times a week, and 1 hour of gym every day). So I really understand, that he is comunicating less, that is not the question. But I also have the feeling that he is comunicating differntly. Before he was making plans on when we see each other (once skipped his practice just to get together) and now that I am asking him to hang out his answers are really vague... more like "yeah we have to do that... sounds great"..."let's go someday". Is it possible that he just does not want to put a date on things since he does not know if he can actually make it? Or is he not inerested? Another strange thing was that yesterday we talked on the phone and he had to hang up since his dad needed him. He said he would call again but instead I just got a message saying that he will call even later because lots of stuff came up... and then he never called and also did not text anymore. Nothing so far. Is it posible that he is just busy and therefore acting like that or do you think it him loosing interest is more the problem?

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  • Usually then I just was not that interested.
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  • The only way you can know for sure is if you confront him about it.
    Next time you talk tell him as it is: "Listen, even if this isn't the case I feel like your trying to avoid me. You don't call back when you say you're going to.. (and so on so forth)" He is likely to interupt you when you say this (or not I don't know him), just make sure you say "If you're not interested anymore just say so."
    In your situation I would feel like "fuck just tell me if you're not intersted so I can stop wasting time if you aren't".

    • Thanks for your opinion :) He actually made a huge effort to come by my place even though it was just for 20 min so I did not ask him for now ;) We just talked, he told me what's going on at work/home etc and asked me how I was doing. Since he stressed himself just to come by I saw no point in asking him, if he is interested or not ;) I will just let it flow like that and if necessary talk at some point later on :)

  • Maybe the things that is happening to him are affecting his mood to keep up and open up..

    • Do you mean that he could still be interested but overwhelmed by everything that is happening right now, so he does not see having time for me right now and therefore pulls back a bit?

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    • No problem dear :)
      It could be nice to send him something like that, however just do what your instinct tells ya.
      And make sure to make a balance when it comes to texting.
      Good luck!

    • Thanks :) I will see... maybe I will just give him the day and get in touch tomorrow :) So he has time to figure out his week.

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