Is he not interested or shy or something else?

So me and this guy have been talking on and off for awhile and I've asked him before if he wants to meet up on Monday (for example) and he asked if it was the Monday coming up and I said the one coming up he seemed really distant after I asked and before as well, sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for awhile it really depends on the day. and we didn't end up seeing each other, then I asked him again and asked what days he is avalibe and so I said how about the following and he said he has to see on his work schedule Then I said ok just let me know before __ and he said "Okay Sure" Before we've talked about where to meet and he said also he would like to meet up.

  • Not Interested
  • Shy\Nervous
  • Other (Please explain)
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  • The way he acts it seems like he's not that interested. You could give him a call and ask him straight up, "if you're not interested you can just say so" to be sure though.

    • Awhile ago he told me he liked me and before I've told him straight up to tell me what he wants Orr if he is interested and sometimes he wouldn't respond and other times he would say something along the lines that he was interested and he wants to meet up but he either has work or school

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