Going out with a guy that is completely out of my league, or at least what I'm used to. Help?

I won't lie. I'm kinda hot. But that's it. I've got a ged, work a factory job, I work out but I'm not extremely fit. I don't really have much for talent. For the most part the only guys I have dated have been creeps. I finally got asked out by a nice guy. He's a little cold. But he means well. I don't feel like I measure up. He's ex military. He's almost finished school for engineering. He's cute. And all I want to do is compete with him because I want to be better at something. Ugh advice?


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  • Obviously I don't know you, but I will tell you what I was told when I said something like this.

    I said "... but she's outta my league!"

    Reply "If she was sweet on you, that means she was inviting you to her league".

    Out of curiosity, why is it so hard to believe that a good guy would like you? Just go with it girl, and never look a gift horse in the mouth. Value and appreciate every day you have with him.

  • This is not unlike my situation. I had a girlfriend who was a senior in high school when I was in college for physics. We had a fine time. I just wanted her to be the best person that she wanted to be.
    My wife only had a high school education and working minimum wage when I met her. However, I supported her in her desire to study about computers. Now, she makes more than me and I have an MS in engineering.


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