Can I keeping dating someone who hates any PDA?

My girlfriend of 9 months and I fought a lot. Recently we broke up, but we've been talking about getting back together, so now we've told each other our requirements from the other. One of hers is that she wants no PDA of any form. No hand holding, no kissing (even quick kisses), nothing. She also doesn't want me to compliment or post about her romantically or relationship wise at all on social media. (Even though she had hundreds of guys pouring their hearts out to her on it) Honestly hand holding and all of that was one of my favorite parts of being with her. Can we even get back together?

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  • Try compromising. Have you told her that one of your favourite parts of dating her was the PDA (telling her why could help too). Also did you ask her why she doesn't like PDA? find a spot in the middle. Try to keep the stuff you like the most abut PDA ( like hand holding ) and get rid of stuff your fine with letting go of and is not really needed (long kisses).

    • She said it makes her feel like she's being judged/it embarrasses her.

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    • I see what you mean. I'm just worried that if she tells to bottle up my affection till we're at home alone, it's all gonna come out at once and too much. She'll not like it and will stop wanting to see me in private if the expectation is that whenever we are in private I'm going to be overly affectionate to her.

    • well since the both of you were telling each other requirements then one option is to warn her about the possibility of over-affection when in private as a response to her no PDA requirement and see if its ok. If she's kind of reluctant to whether its ok or not and leaning on no then make it a requirement b/c if there's no affection at all then it really would just be a friendship. If she truly cares/loves/like and wants to be with you then she will probably agree. But if she doesn't (though I don't really see why if you dated her for 9 months and have done couple things before) then I guess she doesn't want to really get back together and it would be best if you 2 stayed friends for now.

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  • Sounds more like friendship then a relationship to be honest with you.

    • Well I mean we still had sex and did other "couple things." So it's not like we never did anything.

    • I am not referring to the past though but rather the PDA she wants now.

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