Girls, What to do when desperation doesn't work or get you anywhere?

What do you do when desperation doesn't work

Ok so I have never had a girlfriend I'm 24 I created a profile on okcupid well a week in I started talking to a girl that most would consider not very attractive she gave me her number we texted for a little then she said she was talking to other guys and that we should be friends. This hit me like a ton of bricks if I got friend zoned or rejected by a women that's not very attractive should I just give up dating I mean it only gets worse cause you have your average, good looking and hot women above that

Thanks for opinions


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  • It's just one chick, you'll be fine dude. You could end up with a total Betty, it's all a matter of her being right for you. So not so attractive chick wasn't feeling it, that doesn't mean no attractive chick will. You're 24, got plenty of time, just go out there and do you dude, someone's bound to dig you.

    • It just makes me wanna give it up

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    • I hope so

    • Cause it makes me wanna give up dating completely

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