Should the girl ask the guy out?

I know this is the age old question, should he or she ask the girl out? Here's my story, I met this guy online, he was very quick to ask me out after like 1 day. I agreed to go out with him, the first date didn't go so well, but surprisingly he was still messaging me for another date, I couldn't make it at the time and messaged him back saying another time. He then messaged me the following week and asked me out again, I was available, we went out, it was a little better than the last one, we caught the bus together. A couple weeks later, I went on my third date, we kissed and he admitted he liked me and I told him I liked him too.. I am just wondering now is it wrong for me to ask him out now or should I just leave it be and wait for him to contact me again to show he is interested. I am little shy to ask him again because our contact is sometimes infrequent and if I do choose to, I don't know how to do it again without sounding desperate or clingy. Please provide me with advice, since I'm confused on what to do in this instance?

  • The girl should ask the guy out
  • The guy should ask the girl out
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  • I don't see a complication.


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  • if she wants to do it, she should.
    if he wants to do it, he should.
    i dont see why this is a major issue.


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  • Dont ask him out man... Just contact him and say ' hey, i was missing u'
    He will himself ask u out and if he dont.. Then walk away and move on

  • go for it.. ask him out


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