Please help! My boyfriend doesn't want to go to our senior prom what should I do?

My boyfriend doesn't want to go to prom we've only been dating for three months but it would mean a lot if if we went to our senior prom. I remember telling him that this is my senior year and I want to enjoy it as much as I can. He told me he would go with me and sounded excited about it but then out of no where he said he didn't want to go which got me upset because he got my hopes up and then ruined it. He told me we could go out together and do something fun and I told him no because we could do that any other day and prom is really special to me because it's my senior year and I will never get another opportunity like this again! And he told me if I was really going to ditch him for a school dance which made me sound like the bad person and I remember I specifically told him before we started dating that there was no way I was missing prom and now he trying to change my mind please help me what should I do?😞


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