Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

My boyfriend and I are in a LDR. We met on a dating site. After we've met, he stopped going on the dating site and would constantly text/Skype/call. But now, I have my doubts.

Suddenly, he was active on the dating site again. The texting, Skype and calling halted immediately and he used to answer every single text and was aggressive texting me. If he was so busy, why was he active on the profile last night and did not text me instead? I confronted him about it and he told me he has gay friends who he speaks to on there. But I don't believe him because it was a pay membership.

It's so painful to leave him and I am going through a crisis in school. What should I do? He was extremely upset that I tried to break up with him and constantly says he loves me but I certainly don't believe him.


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  • Just tell him that it gives you a very worried feeling to here that story: going on a paying dating site to stay in touch with gay friends.
    Tell him you love him and are very afraid to be hurt.
    Good chance that at least, if he's lied to you, he'll tell it. And if not, stay vigilant!


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  • I think he is

    • How can he go from 100 to 20 in 5 days? Very confusing. And he opened his profile again after 5 days at work.

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  • concentrate on your studies and if he is still on that site then that's just not a good sign :/

    • I think he is cheating. A 100%

    • I think that too but I didn't want to say it that way to to you xD glad you think the same !