What Do I Do? Senior and Freshman (Love?)

Ummm, so this is my first time asking a question on this site, but I didn't know where else to go for advice, so I hope this is an appropriate question. :) I am a freshman in high school, but I am interested in this senior, who is also interested in me. I know you might be thinking he only wants one thing, but he is very respectful! :D Anyway, the problem is, because of his age, I am not allowed to do anything with him except talk to him in school. :'( We were secretly kissing before (like small pecks on the lips, not SMOOCHY SMOOCHY and all hehe), but I didn't feel right because I am a very honest person, so I told my parents and him. Because I was honest, my parents were easy on me, and the senior sad it was totally fine. He doesn't act like he wants anything except hugs and stuff. We miss each other a lot and he's going to college soon, sadly. :( He said he'll ask me out on my eighteenth birthday though, when I'm old enough to date him and whatnot. :D (Very sweet!) So, I asked my parents to text him a couple months ago, but that was a no. So, I asked them again after a while and they're leaning towards a no, but there's a very small glimmer of hope. How can I convince them to say yes? I know you might be thinking I'm too young to be in love, but I think I am. He's everything I've ever dreamed of, hehe. ^^ Anyway, thank you everyone for taking the time to read this and/or respond! Have a great day! <3

Ah, well he cheated on me. That made my day. Thanks for your responses though!
He broke up with me because he knew I was very supportive of my parents and my own trust with each other, so he knew it wasn't right for me to date him. In a way its kinda good, ya know? But he also IS dating another girl that he knew for a LONG time.. :(


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  • Unfortunately hon, I don't really think there is much you personally can do. It boils down to your parents wanting to protect their 'little girl' (Not calling you as such, but most parents will view their daughers in such a way forever=p) Short of the guy somehow convincing them he is a good guy not just out for perverted things, or you somehow doing the convincing, you will probably just have to wait. If he is as good a guy as you say he is, the wait will be well worth it sweetheart.

    • You're so right! Thanks so much! ^^

    • You're very welcome dear, sorry it wasn't more along the lines of helping you with what you were looking for initially.

    • Guess he wasn't all he made himself out to be=\ Sorry to hear that.

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  • "Freshmen girl oh so shy sits and watches the sophmore guy.The sophomore guy with his head in a twirl sits and watches the junior girl.The junior girl in her red sedan sits and watches the senior man.The senior man all hot and wild secretly loves the freshmen child."

    I remember being a freshmen and I remember how it feels like when you're attracted to seniors and they're attracted to you.Yes,most of them are only looking for one thing,but not all of them.Well,I'm not going to tell you it's never going to happen or that it's impossible,but most likely,it won't.I'm now in college and to be honest,I've changed alot.No matter how hard a person tries not to change in high school,they change.High school really changes someone because you experience and see a lot of things you thought you wouldn't see at such a young age.Some of my senior friends use to tell me this all the the time and I never fully understood what they meant by chaging,but know I know.You have to go through the "experience" yourself to fully understand.My point is,alot can happen in a few years,people change,they really do.People change,people live,and people die.It's pretty sad actually,but that's life.I remember being a similar position as you.I was 14 and he was 18.I'm now 21 and he's now 25 or 26,not sure.

    Well,he liked me and I liked him so we ended up going out.My parents didn't approve it and neither did his,but we did it anyway.Yh,he told me he was going to marry me someday and such.About 8 months later,I became a sophmore and he went off to college.We kept in contact for awhile,I think it was for about 9 months,but all of a sudden his visits,calls,and messages stop.I remember getting very depressed and crying my guts out for months,eventually he was only a memory.At the time,I thought I was "in love" with him,but no-it was just lust.Now that I think back the only reason I liked him so much was because he was older than the rest of the guys who laid eyes on me.And I don't know how it happened,but I bumped into him at a Christmas party in 2008.Very funny.I think my friends had set it up so I could see what an idiot he actually was.At first,he didn't recognize me,but he caught on.He told me that he had met a girl at college he proposed to a month earlier.So yes,they're now married.I remember I wished him the best and those were the last words I said to him.He didn't even apologized to me or anything.And to be quite honest,at the time I didn't care anymore.My poit is,don't put your hopes up too much because a lot can happen in a few years.Enjoy the rest of your childhood and stop worrying about a boy.You still have a lot to learn.And if it's meant to be,it'll happen.If it doesn't,move on,you're still young.

    • You are very wise. :D Life will go on and I guess since I'm still young, I'm all caught up in a small world filled with school, boys, and makeup. Thanks for the relief. :D I needed some brilliant perspective. :)