Seriously I have no idea anymore why girls have no interest in me?

So I am 19 years old and I just don't seem to get any romantic attention ever from any girl anywhere no matter what I do or change about myself.

I am very independent, spontaneous and am always doing stuff and trying new things. I always am myself and always do what I want to do without caring what people think at all.

I spend maybe 3 hours a week maximum watching TV or playing video games. The rest outdoor doing stuff.

I feel extremely good about myself and have no self-esteem issues whatsoever. I have good posture and always make eye-contact with people.

I don't even feel needy but honestly I would like to do something romantic now and then.

I dress well, am of healthy weight and older adults not including my parents constantly tell me I am very good looking.

So what am I overlooking? I am not needy I just am really amazed at the total lack of attention.


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  • Are you sure there aren't any girls that may be interested in you? Guys tend to be pretty oblivious to those things sometimes. You never know, you could be missing something. Also, do you talk and get to know girls? Girls may think you are attractive but you don't initiate conversation, not all girls are just going to walk up to you and want to date you. You have to meet and talk to them, it is best to have a good personality match and get to know them on a friend level before romance can bloom. Also, you are only 19, I didn't really have any serious interests until about that time, so relax, it will happen, you have tons of time!


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