Why is my ex being a bum?

He keeps posting stupid things, like, he actually posted something making it out like he was going to have a baby. Which I found really hurtful since that was OUR plan.

As well as that, he swears constantly. He knows how much I hate it. My favourite band? He'll bash them. Snide remarks about bad relationships are brandished everywhere.

And to think this guy actually is usually a pretty decent guy? Heck, I just don't get why he's being such a tool. I get that we are done.

  • He probably still likes you, he's just twisted.
  • He's totally over you.
  • He's making digs at you.
  • He's a twat.
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What Guys Said 1

  • If it has reached this point where you have so many complaints about the douche, might as well pack your bags.

    • Tell me about it :/ hence why we're exes. It's just a shame though, cause I know he can be lovely when he wants to be.

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    • Good luck with that ma'am.

    • Thank you very kindly :)

What Girls Said 1

  • He probably knows you're seeing his stuff. So he's just posting whatever he wants because it's going to bug you, which it has.

    • It sure has... 😒 Worst is, I'm not actually friends with him on Facebook BUT I'm friends with his brother and his brother likes literally everything he posts : so that then pops up on my timeline.

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    • Good point. Cause I feel like a stalker knowing the half of the crap that goes on.

    • Haha I can understand that