Why would regular men hate someone but not celebrities?

ok well this is weird- im a really pretty female- i think im average pretty but guess not. I'm attractive and sexy/hot you'd think men in general would like me, but they don't. Most men HATE me with some weird passion. They're mean to be abusive psycho, passive-aggressive. Heck even if I said hey let's have sex they'd reject me. Men hate me- i also look nice and am really sweet. I've accepted the fact that 95% of men hate me b/c im hot, most want to control or hurt me, and there's a small percent that are nice to me but i rarely meet them...

but oddly, celebrities seem to LOVE me- it's weird. I've been to tons of concerts shows, met celebs, have seen shows and they ALL LOVE ME. the more famous the more they like me- heck even women like me. I have a ton of weird stories of celebrites doing crazy things to show they like me, gawk at me, do weird stuff. In general most average men do crazy sh*t to me- but its stuff to hurt me. Most men just want to make me suffer. But celebs- I mean really famous people some will act nuts about me, most try to get my attention or connect with me or give me some crazy attention. Even recently i went to see a famous celeb stand up. Yes he did stare at me- or give me attention during the show but wasn't a big deal. i was in the bathroom for 10 mins after, and when i came out, suddenly HE appeared out of nowhere- it was weird. we were the only ones there- i didn't say anything. Then these girls came out and said WAS THAT HIM? OMG? he's just walkin around? later i was in line to take pics, and i didn't have cash to buy a shirt. They told me to stand aside, and he looked at me and said "you can get in line later" giggly- like he wanted to give me attention. later when he did sign my shirt, he acted really weird- like he was awe struck. But i was star struck and cudnt speak. do celebs like me b/c im beautiful and theyre secure enough to handle it while regular men are jealous and crazy, that's what it seems

the weird thing is, celebrities treat me as if im someone great- and they show they like me, regular men treat me lower than crap and so badly i can't even describe- they treat me like im inferior or theyre better than me. it's weird and messed up


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  • Maybe, that is a troubling position to be in but I think there are many people who would gladly be in your shoes. It may be that you are expecting to be treated in a certain way by certain people so unconsciously you have developed methods to make it a reality. Also, I do agree that there are men that might have an attitude towards a beautiful woman because they are intimidated and feel inadequate like she couldn't possible find me attractive so in order to feel better about what they are expecting to be rejection they take the first move... celebrities tend to be a little superficial so when it comes to being seen they want to look like celebrities... maybe?

    • yeah that's true- well I mean, being in my shoes means most of the male population hating on you b/c you're hot-- it makes no sense to me why guys are this way towards me. I am 'hot' so i'd expect guys to be like... holy sh*t.. she's hot or heck even be nice to me- most guys freaking hate me- they are so mean to me. theyre not just intimidated they get so mean.

      celebs are different- theyre like... all acting crazy about me, as if they think im so pretty, and acting the way you think normal men would act- that's why it's so weird. the most powerful people are acting so normal and the normal people are acting like psychos

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    • yeah that's true- i mean you can't let it get to you- but it does- it gets confusing. I love nice people- I mean i actually reward nice people by being even nicer... i mean i respect them even more. It confuses me why men who meet me go out of their way to be so mean or cruel to me.

      I have to end up avoiding and fighting a lot of crazy people out there and it sucks, but i think that's the way the world it these days :) thanks for your input too

    • yep... the world can be confusing at least but that's ok... cause all I have to do is make sure I'm on the right track... the world will have to catch up later... Your welcome, Good Luck !!!

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  • Who knows anymore. and who cares if theyre known or not. Stop obssessing over status to make yourself feel less empty. If you love them or are attracted thats all there is to it. And dont hook up with douchbags for a lack of interested guys. Being single is sometimes good for a awhile.

    • im not obsessing over status.. huh? and most people out there obsess over celebrities.. im questioning why some of the most powerful and hottest people seem to freaking love me, while any average guy hates me with a passion... anyone would wonder that

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    • Well you only described him as a "hot" "male" and "celebrity" which in my opinion comes off a bit shallow at first glance. Nothing wrong with it. And there's pletty of rich genuine good well off great people out there. hell.. my ex is probably considered celebrity and he's the best man I've ever met. Im just saying When you only mention (celebrity) (hot) and (nice).. Just seem to focus on the surface.. But who am i to judge. .. just making an observation. Lol well good luck

    • thats not the point- people worship 'hot celebrities' my posting is talking about what i described, not whether someones hot or shallow.. ur stupid

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  • Most likely the celebrities are being nice to keep from getting bad press. Also if you are attracted to the celebrity you will subconsciously start excusing their bad behavior, more than you would for a regular guy you aren't as attracted to.

    I suspect that you are being too critical of men that lack status, and anytime they do something that displeases you, that you exaggerate it into them hating you. The reason you want to think it is because you are too attractive, is because by believing it is a part of a male insecurity, it removes any responsibility on your part.

    I know for a fact 95% of men are not going to hate a woman, just because she is beautiful. On some level you are misjudging men.

    • well thats not true at all- men do hate beautiful women and in my case all the way. I am not judgmental of men- im super laid back and nice. and yes most men hate me and im also in my late 30's so I've been dealing with this a long time. Most men meet me and THEY are critical of me judgmental and get psychotic really. So what ur saying is totally untrue

      i treat everyone equally- whether it's an ugly guy, a cute guy- im nice to everyone.. so again not true

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    • you're not offering advice you sociopathic piece of evil garbage... and any piece of sh*t that calls itself heavensgift2girls is a psycho... along with everything else u stated.. piss off u worthless psycho

    • you're also ugly hideous and geeky.. typical ugly jerk creep misogynist.. disgusting

  • If most men in your perception come off as psycho and abusive, then isn't it high time to reevaluate your preferences in men? And the men you hang out with? How about you look for different men?

    And since 99% of men don't end up with celebrities, I'm fairly positive most men like women who are not celebs. Obviously...

    • well men treat me this way b/c i am 'pretty'.. they get crazy and psychotic. You think they'd like me but they don't. The celebrities are the ones who act 'normal' such as "wow she's not" or just like me in general. I don't get that. Also most men treat me like sh*t- and yeah i can't find a boyfriend b/c most men hate me. but again the celebs are the ones who act normal such as thinking im hot or pretty

    • You're obsessing over celebs way too much... clear your head a little...

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