Black girls, in your area, do black guys and girls who aren't black try to get your attention with their overly-done PDA?

It never fails whenever I'm out and about: there's a black guy/non-black girl relationship and the second they realize there a black girl within their radius, they try really hard with their PDA. I get that the whole point of doing it is to make me "mad" and all, but do you guys think if they knew how much we didn't care, they wouldn't be trying so hard? I'm starting to think even they have everyone convinced that we get mad or bitter about it..


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  • They really do that 😂 I swear they do. I just look and smile or give the girl a compliment so hey know I'm not pressed. Then they look dumb af 😂I hate to say it but Black men damn near out of style anyway.

    • Like, whenever those girls try to give me the "ha, I took your man" look, I just imagine them holding on to a trash bag instead of another mans arm lol. But where I am, all you see is washed up girls with at LEAST two biracial kids; at that point, they're not bragging any longer, I see lol

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    • The disappointment 😂

    • Thanks BB!!

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  • So many black guys do it for attention, it's pretty sad. I don't care if I get hate because it's true.


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  • No, it's different here. I rarely see black guys with non-white girls, I usually see the other way round.
    And when they are together, they don't this at all.