Breaking up no good luck?

why do men not say good luck or goodbye when breaking up in a relationship?


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  • Usually because breaking up is emotional, and men feel vulnerable if they show their emotions - something most men don't like to be (vulnerable). So, by cutting off all contact, they don't have to deal with any of that, and no one has to see them in pain. For many guys, that's how they prefer to handle it.

    • His sister said he has a lot of emotional and manipulative issues.. He has a daughter and said that he told his daughter (we have broken up before and gotten back) and there's no turning back

    • I make this a rule in my relationships: she is welcome to leave the relationship at anytime, and I'll never prevent her. I may ask her to reconsider, but I won't stop her from leaving. BUT... the exit door is a one-way door, and once you leave, there's no coming back, so she needs to be DAMN SURE she wants to walk out.

      I don't play that "break up and make up" game. You get one shot. Period.

  • Well there are a variety of reasons. If they care for you it's because they are hoping this is not the end and if they say goodbye it's giving up hope. If they are mad with you it's out of spite. If they are sad it may be to protect themselves from further pain. If they are human it could be they didn't think to say it or they felt it was already implicitly stated.

    • I talked to his sister and she said he has a lot of emotional, manipulative issues.. Do you think he is going to contact me?

    • I think it's possible but after 3-4 weeks I think you won't hear from him

  • Well, that might be because they still want you to be happy in your future, even though they will not be in your life anymore.


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