Which guy would you choose?

Guy one: You have known him for eight years, he sometimes leaves you confused with what he says, does not seem as interested as you are into him but there seems to be slight interest, he is your ideal guy with looks and personality, flirts.

Guy two: Known for a year, not that close but have been talking a lot more recently, shows some interest but not 100% sure if it is him just being friendly, you don't know much about him.

  • Guy one
  • Guy two
  • Other, please elaborate
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What Guys Said 1

  • The question is what are you choosing him for? If we're talking about a potential romantic relationship, neither of them seem alright. Believe it or not, romantic relationships sometimes happen like in the movies: both of you will instantly fall in love at first sight, and flirt a little, slowly increasing until you get intimate (both physically and emotionally) you'll keep getting to know each other, and if both of you still like each other then you have a relationship going on. At least, that happens most of the times.

    However you've known these guys for quite a while, and unless one of them actually 'sparked' something in you I wouldn't really go for any of them. Guy two, however, seems like like you're describing him as if he was out of your league and you're curious if he's actually showing interest in you or just playing with you. Confronting him is a good way to find out. Would you rather have this question for days, weeks or months, or have the answer straight away?

    Anyway, my recommendation is to slow down. I'm not sure of your age, but GaG says under 18. You're at the age where your hormones explode drastically. It is very unlikely that you really want a romantic relationship, and instead you're probably just looking for sexual satisfaction, or the need to be loved, which is okay. Most people do that, and it's perfectly normal.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think that I'd want to choose either of them. I guess I'd probably prefer to see how things are with the second guy.

  • Guy 2.

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