My 15 year old girlfriend and her 25 year old guy friend, what do I do?

I'm 17. My girlfriend is part of a costuming dance group. Her "biggest fan" has asked her to do a costume with him where they're dating. I'm not okay with it. I've never even met the guy. Is this weird for her to want to do? Am I right to not want her to do it?

  • Yes, this is normal for her, you are wrong to feel like that.
  • No, you are not wrong and this is not normal.
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  • Unsure/see answers
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  • I think you should tell her parents.

    • She asked me not to.

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    • Yeah , SuklaaTryffeli is right. No healthy minded 25 year old, of either gender, with harmless and innocent intentions would be trying to get close to a 15 year old. She might be mad at you but it's better for her to be mad than to have something violating and scarring happen to her.

  • The fact that she doesn't want you to tell her parents definitely sends a red flag. Also, the fact that HE was the one to ask her when he is 10 years older than her is not right. He shouldn't be thinking about her in that way, even if it just was "pretend" and they are "friends".

  • Tell her parents.


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