Girls, Why would you approach a random good-looking guy and start talking to him like a close- friend from the beginning ?

What are you tthoughts on the random good-looking guy?


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  • Probably because they are attractive.

    • Thanks :) But why would you friend-zone him at the first instant?

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    • cool !! so in that case , do "hot' guys or average guys tend to mesh with your personality more often?

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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  • I'm interested in his life, not because he's just good looking but if we've shared a few long deep stares or we share a common interest than one of these days I will grab the approach

    • Thanks :) But by talking to him like a very close friend, you are friend-zoning him?

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    • Also to answer your question I will approach someone who is average for mating purposes either they are less intimidating it's just complicated

    • haha. I like your , "its complicated". Sound smexy !!

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