How do you know if your boyfriend still likes you and if you still like him?

Is it possible to like them less overtime. The relationship seems to slow down after a few months.
Is it an "enjoying the chase" sort of thing?


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  • Relationships go up and down, just like life. Ask him if he likes you, by the way he doesn't have to all the time. If he loves you though, he will stay and try harder to make you feel it

    • Thanks. There's hope 😂
      he's not the best with communication. But I'm a very confrontational person so I shall do this.

    • No problem, best of luck

    • Thank you :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • You cannot be certain, but you can tell certain things by his actions. If you think that he stopped trying, then odds are he doesn't like you as much as he liked you in the past.

    • Yeah like he doesn't reply to texts. So I've stopped texting him as much. I have to double text just to get him to answer a single question. But right now he scene zones his best friend. And his best friend and I are really close.
      I don't annoy him with texts. It's like 6 messages a week. Which really isn't a lot.
      But when we meet. It's all good. I don't know he's just acting weird.