Am I right in not asking her out again? Should she be the one to tell me she likes me now?

A few months back she was staring, smiling, touching me etc and i was so sure she liked me and she said she's not sure if she likes me as more than a friend, and she had a boyfriend... i got annoyed with her and starting ignoring her. Now has been flirting with me again, said she missed me , she told her family about me , she shouted my name out when i came in room , she touched my back , she barged into me in corridor, walking right against me closely , she leaned against me, resting her head on my shoulder , she pulled a loose hair off my stubble , looks at me , laughs at me , smiles at me. I'm not sure if its the same story of just friends.. should i ask her again. She suddenly started ignoring me today and i think she is playing hard to get now, the reason why i haven't asked her out again is i fear she will say the same thing like im not sure if i like you more than friends, i think she might just flirt with me cos she is bored, should i ask her out again? Should she make the move now?


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  • Do not ask her out again.


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  • Matty,

    Never expect a woman to make a move. That's not how dating works.

    Men take the risk to ask the woman out and women take the risk of saying yes and everything that happens after.

    The best advice I got from an older guy years ago is this: Be the train and not the cab.

    This means live your life. Go out socially - with buddies or with other women. Maybe she's still not over her ex and waiting around for an "opening" can drive you crazy and make you less appealing to her overall.

    When she sees you living life without her, she might magically start liking you WAY more than friends, and get over whatever is holding her back right now.

    Good luck!


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  • Sounds like you ignored her to the point of her giving up. Throw her a bone and talk to her, but don't ask her out yet. She's confused, so you should act based on her actions. Not her words.

    • We are talking again, we are actually getin very lose again and she's all flirty with me, but i think she might just be a flirty person and it means nothing, like it seemed to last time she was flirting with me and then she said she's not sure she likes me and she had a boyfriend.

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    • In that case. Just go with it. Date other people and don't give her as much attention.

    • Basically, bounce between flirting and treating her like your sister. And date other girls lol.

  • Fuck her! Just move on.. Looking like she is a bitch who fleets with other guys while in a relationship.. And I am sure you don't want a girl like that