Should you change yourself to seduce women?

IMPORTANT: I am 23 years old but I look a lot younger because of my face and build. I have an innocent "cute" face and I am 6'1 160 pounds so I am farely skinny for my eight. The result is a tall gangly look that makes me look fresh out of puberty. I get carded often hahaha. Anyways women seem to be very willing to innocently flirt with me, are fine with making eye contact and touching me but I have learned this does not mean that she is available or even all that into me from a sexual perspective. As you could imagine, this gets very anoying and creates awkward situations. What I want to know is what I should change about myself so that I can get what I want which is which is casual dating and sex that may or may not turn into something more. I think I have to choose between changing the way I approach women which is currently with an open sweet yet confident manner to a more typical male flirtatious aggressive and sexual approach. Or I have to change my physical build (aka get ripped) so that I don't give off an innocent vibe. I don't think I have to change my fashion as much because I feel like I dress well and mix up outfits between really preppy and punk/ bad boy. I am open to any other suggestions though!

P. S. I am about to finish college so you know the type of women I am dealing with

Thanks for the help!!


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  • the one thing college girls love more than anything is a hot body, their opinion might change on what a hot body is but i can confidently say that working out at the gym won't make you less attractive :P i think you should change your flirting style to more unpredictable, sexy approach so as to build enigma and mystery rather than coming onto them with the sweetness immediately. when a guy is super sweet to me early on he doesn't seem as interesting as other guys because i feel like i understand him already and that kills the fun.


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