Guys help me understand this guy please?

We went away for the weekend. Came back Saturday even text each other a little bit. We didn't talk Sunday. I text him Monday beacuse he started a new job so i was just good luck and hope he have a good day. later that night we text and talked about going to the movies. Yesterday he never text me and i text him the movie times but i didn't hear anything. So i text him this mrn that i was wondering what happened yesterday because we had plans. Was the text too much? I can understand if he was tired but why not At least send a txt? Everything seem to be going good so im lost. And he was online for a few mins but i never heard from him. And we met online and still have our profile up. And he was online for a few mins. How do i approach this sistuation and nip it in the bud?


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  • Don't text call him.

    • I already sent the text this mrn. I don't want to blow up his phone. He has a new job in the mrn and somtimes he workes at night. But he went on the site for a min. Should i wait till tmrw or later tonight to call him?

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    • It's hard one , beauses when my ex said this stuff she dump me. Put everyone different

      Your a girl which puts in a lot of power. ☺

    • Thats my thing everything seems good right now. So if he plans on it its hard to see it coming. With your ex this was her excuse all the time she didn't answer?

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  • It was not too much. He should have sent a text in order to cancel it or something.