When the guy you like says if we end up dating but if not we can still be friends?

Is he trying to tell me he doesn't like me in a relationship kind of way anymore and just wants to stay friends?


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  • he's saying that he still wouldn't mind sticking around if you don't mind either, because some guys take interest in a girl, solely for the purpose of being more than friends with her, and if it doesn't work out, they just bail altogether because being friends isn't what they want.

    • Oh ok thanks.. you know anything about guys with twisted minds? Lol

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    • So last night we chatted nd he likes to confuse me a lot Bc he thinks it's funny.. why is he doing that?

    • he said he likes to confuse you? well if he said that he probably just finds your reaction cute when he does confuse you.

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  • No, not necessarily. He says that if it doesn't work out between you, he wouldn't mind being around you as a friend.