I never had a boyfriend?

YEP. Long story short... i couldnt date during my teens, i had medical problems for over 5 years, after i was done, i had scars all over my body and it took three years to heal, i was 20 when i slowly starting to feel comfortable about myself and 22 when i first met a guy i really liked and it got sexual quick... i didn't had actual sex with him but he flashed me after two months ''of being busy'' saying i was just a rebound and nothing was brought to life. I m 23 now , i dated around after that but i didn't find a man i liked... i had two ''sexual flings'' BUT NO boyfriend, simply because... i also still live at home... am i weird? Will people think i some weird ''girl'' who they dont want to befriend?


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  • Your situation is unusual but it doesn't make you weird or a pariah. You need to look beyond your lack of experience and earlier blows to your self-esteem. Since you seem to be discriminating, you probably wouldn't even like any guys who looked down on you because of your past or your present living situation. You definitely can do much better than them.


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  • I don't consider you weird. I don't even consider your whole situation unusual.


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