Why do I seem to go for the wolf in Sheeps clothing?

So whenever I meet a guy they always turn out to be a liar or type who are fake an all nice at first. Few weeks a go guy on tinder was lovely sent long messages shoeing interest in my life. Then on the 1st date cus he didn't get sex he got rude. My ex boyfriend was a total user an jerk an still I was so into him.

Then another guy on tinder . We spoke a bit few weeks ago an got him on snapchat. He was sweet an kind. An we talked quite a lot. Then he convo stopped. Then weeks later we talk again basically on Easter Monday. He was all into me again an I was like oh thought you weren't interested. He was like don't be silly. He was like great looks are good but it's about personality too.

I said yeah I agree. Then I felt like he was showing signs of being way into just looks an saying well it is important. I felt like he just fancied me an didn't want to know about my life. Whereas I was asking him about his job etc he never asked what I do. Just for pics etc. I don't know why I still fall for the big acts. He even talked of babies an said I am perfect for him but he then said like what's so special about him an it's like he couldn't believed I liked him.

Big red flag I see now cus obvs he wasn't genuine so he will never see when someone else's as he's not the type of person I am. It became clear. It was all about looks an not me at all. He didn't really try spend time with me an only gave me his number cus he wanted something. It's like he was a manipulating user. He would say please send a pic cus you got my attention an you want to keep it don't you.

He was alright looking but thinking about it personality was awful. Nothing more to him then shallow mind. There's no depth to him at all. Made me see that looks really are not everything.

I am also talking to another guy who I met in person. Through my friend an I feel like he's a lov

Who is the passive aggressive man? He is that guy who avoids responsibility and conflict through passivity and withdrawal. He is the “Nice Guy” who reels you in with his adoration and once you are in the game he turns the tables so quickly your head will swim until you decide to take a hike. This was him


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  • Tinder is not a dating site, that's why. Tinder is an app that people use to find other people to hook up with. That is the intention of almost all of their users.
    If you keep looking for love in the wrong places, you're just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

    • At first it was used just to get laid. These days many are on it , an some do actually want dates on there tbf. I am no longer on it I came off weeks back now as I see it's a shark pool for users. I went for the wrong dude that's for sure. An tinder is useless tbh so yeah I agree

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  • looking for love in the wrong places

  • I stopped reading after the second paragraph. Maybe you should stop trying to find love on an app that people use to get laid. If you go to a place were only a certain type of guys hang out, don't expect to find something else.

    • Tbh I am not interested in whether you read it all lol that don't bother me in the slightest. These days many are on tinder an in beginning it was mainly for guys an gals who want hook ups but some do want dates but I have had unfortunate thing of ones who lie an pretend that they want more so yes I still have a right to question it. An I can tell you didn't read it all as it wasn't just about tinder anyway but cheers

  • Dear. You're trying at wrong place and doing it in wrong way.


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