How do I get over this situation?

Hi my name is Kaleb and I stumbled upon this forum through Google and I'm new to this so please be patient with me, here's my situation. My brother has been going out with my ex wife for awhile. And they never asked me how I would feel about it or thought about how it would effect me. well its eating me up inside seeing them together, how do I get over it. and I've talk to them about it and they don't seem to care how I feel. like is it wrong for them to be going out. I just need some advise on how to get over it.


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  • You need to put distance between you and them.


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  • Well I am really surprised here, I mean you said she is your ex wife, so you are divorced and so how does it matter to you if your brother goes out with your ex wife or not?

    I mean ideally it shouldn't matter to you what your ex wife is doing or what your brother is doing. I mean your brother is going out with your ex wife and not your wife, she is not your wife anymore, and why would they care how you feel, I mean unless she still has feelings for you or if she wants to get back together with you, only then she might care how you feel about all this.

    Your brother doesn't care because she is your ex wife so for him it's just another woman who is single and so he is going out with her.

    I mean from your post, it seems like you are having feelings for her, do you want to get back with her or something? Or is it that you don't trust your brother, you think your brother will do something wrong to your ex wife and so you are feeling protective towards her?

  • Harsh and unpleasant a it sounds, you cannot even begin to hope to control other peoples' behavior. That's the bad news. The good news is that you CAN control one thing: your own mind. You must lern to calm your mind. I learned (am still learning) this through things like meditation because it calms your mind wonderfully, and really makes you a happier person. at least it does me.

    I recommend studying the law of attraction as it really is extremely powerful and very, very useful to know about. For example, try Ask and it is Given.

    But, whatever you do, learn to accept, and, with time, applaud whomever wants to get together with whomever. It is their choice and theirs alone.

    Be blessed.

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