Gut feeling says he the one but all the signs are pointing he not?

I think I am going crazy, met this guy fell in love he was trying to use me for sex (found out). Now I let it go the past is the past I'm not trying to be with him. We just friends, and I met this guy lets call him Gemini, and he makes me feel happy and etc. But my heart keeps saying the other guy is the one. But all the signs are pointing we not meant to be, he dating a other girl, I'm starting to like Gemini, horoscope wise me and Gemini are a perfect fit. Gemini he treated me like the guy I always wanted (to desire me, want to get to know me etc). Tarot cards pointing there a new relationships about to form (I'm assuming with Gemini). I feel safe with the Gemini. So why can't my heart just let go of the other guy and move on and put all my love on Gemini? Am I just crazy or not? do gut feeling come true or etc?

And a lot of my gut feelings are barley wrong
-ex of 3 years, had a gut feeling when we first start dating that he will leave me for a other girl (Was right). Also I was kinda right about the timing too.
-recent ex had a feeling he didn't love me anymore and wanted to break up was right too.
-My cats had kittens and I was right about some of the genders of the cats.


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  • The guy who is right for you is the guy who wants to be part of your life. It's only true love if the feeling is mutual between two people. They both have to want to be in a committed relationship with each other. If you waste your time on the wrong guy then you'll never find the right one.

    Don't waste your feelings and emotions on a guy who doesn't value them.

    • I like what you mean :) but I have a question I'm 18 and he is 23 so a 6 years gap here do you think its weird?

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    • by the way it didn't work out he was a sex offender who sexual abuse a 12 year old Yikes I got out of there alive.

    • Wow lucky escape. Sorry to hear that
      Thanks for the MHO

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  • i would strongly suggest you to stay with Gemini because he's wort it. your ex is just stupid and worthless, and dont worry about that feeling about your ex this happens to most of the people. and remember its ok to miss someone or something without wanting them in your life.


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  • Simple. You moved on too quick.