How bad is it that I told a girl in a relationship I like her?

I told this girl I had previously been on a date with that I like her, but she's in a relationship. However, she had previously said she liked me and I didn't fight for her when she was deciding between the two of us (me and her ex - who she's in a relationship with again now). I feel really guilty and feel I've also mucked up our friendship, how bad is it what I did?

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  • Not great, but not that bad
  • Acceptable, don't feel too guilty
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  • It's pointless to tell a taken person you like them. The chances of that ever actually changing the person's way of thinking is next to nothing. So I'd say it was a bad move. But instead of beating yourself up about it, accept what happened and tell yourself to move on from it. With time, the friendship might go back to normal and she might not even see it as a big deal. It's likely a bigger deal to you, than to her. So stops stressing please.

    • They had started to have fights about the fact that we were friends, so I sort of thought I would get it off my chest as it was causing a major strain on their relationship.

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  • What the fuck? She's in a relationship (monogamous I'm assuming) and yet is going on dates with other people? I don't blame you for confessing your feelings because she sort of led you on here unless you knew beforehand of her relationship status and tried to interfere with it.

    • We dated when they were broken up, but afterwards he said how sorry he was and wanted her back, when she told me she didn't know what to do, I tried to be impartial and so didn't tell her I really like her.

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  • It´s great , don´t worry about it. I mean I know you can´t and it will probably hurt if she doesn´t drop him for you. But you get out of your comfort zone and been true to yourself and your feelings. And you hoping to get a chance with her and pretend that you are her friend is deceiving and could be very hurtful for you.

    And anyway this is a learning process , next time you like a girl you will know what to do and how to fight for her.

  • Just dont, I get you probably want it out on the table, just so she'll know type deal, take it from me, I don't think it's a good idea