Is this girl trying to make me jealous or something else?

This girl I always talk to is giving me mixed signals. A lot of times she shows signs of interest like Always the first to text, Talks to me before sleeping, Ask how my day was etc. But this one time she suddenly sends me a pic of a lunch someone got her. Saying she felt so loved. it was so sweet and made her day. It feels like she is trying to make me jealous by hinting there is competition?


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  • Was "someone" a guy? Or are you jumping to conclusions?

    You say you always talk to her, but you don't even specify that you are taking her on dates? It's possible she may view it as you giving her mixed signals. You said she always texts first, etc. What are you doing to show you are interested?

    Then there is always the obvious solution: if you want her to be yours, ask her to be yours...

    • That is why I found it odd that she won't just say or hint that it is a guy. Changed the topic afterwards when I started to ask questions about it. I guess I am giving out mixed signals too coz I am not sure if she only sees me as a friend.

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    • But why would she put any effort on making me jealous suddenly?

    • Perhaps you are reading too far into it. Maybe she was striking conversation, you got jealous and are projecting that intent onto her.

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  • It was just one instance. If she keeps doing that though, then she isn't worth pursuing.

    • hopefully it is just some sort of a test girls do

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  • Yes, surely she is trying to make you jealous on purpose, there are signs. Girls giving mixed signals, trying to make your jealous are not really worth pursuing.

    What are you going to do about it now?

    • Just curious why a girl would do that. What results are they expecting? Are they just testing? Are they really not worth pursuing?

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