I matched on tinder with a guy I went out with once but still have a flirty thing going on, is he mad?

title basically says all. We live a bit far from each other and we're both kinda busy to get together again, but we do communicate often.
we had a date like two weeks ago.
We matched on tinder and a day later, he snapchats me first something funny then he says: guess who I just matched on tinder with :o
I said: lol I know you didn't reply to my gif meanie!

he hasn't replied yet... I'm just curious what he's thinking...


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  • Id send him another funny/flirty gif/ snapchat and if he's interested at all he'll answer this time...
    I'm in the same situation where I matched on tinder with someone pretty far and we met up once but have a flirty text/snapchat thing going on until one of us is in the same area again...


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  • Well isn't that odd?


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