Which plan do you think I should do get my crush's kik?

I'm extremely shy around my crush and I somewhat talk to her. It's usually awkward when I am around her. She's a quiet girl around people she don't usually talk to. But, I came up with two different plans.

Plan A: I can act like I need help with math since she already took Algebra 1 in 8th grade (Honors girl). I can tell her that I need some help and we can discuss it on Kik.

Pros: She'll probably say yes because she really doesn't have nothing against me and she probably be glad to help me since I helped her out a couple of times in Health.

Plan B: Tell her that I need her kik so I can complete a fake challenge I created where you need to have about 300 people's kik in your contacts.

Pros: She'll probably join in.

Which one do you think I might have the higher advantages at?


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  • Stick as close to the truth as possible.

    • I'm really scared to say it straight up. Because she could tell her friends and stuff are going to happen. Like being questioned if I like her or why would I want to text her.

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    • @Emojis201 That's a great idea. But, I probably think she's smart enough to know I have on me 24/7

    • You can go a few days without your phone so that way there she's knows your not lying and she'll actually fall for it 😌

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  • Lol just ask her for her kik.

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