What do girls like?

I might stop speaking to my crush who also has a crush on me
What do girls like for guys to do and say to them
How do i approach girls
What should i do to let them want to speak to me
Im afraid of public rejection
How do i avoid being rejected
I haven't actually been rejected, but how do i avoid this from possibly happening


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  • To be honest and know what they want they want to feel protected as well.

    Start by giving them a genuine smile and eye contact say Hi my name is whats your name.

    Girls do what they want if they dont feel like talking then bye felicia... on to the next girl.

    Dont be afraid of rejection its not like your going to die dont miss out on new opportunities. Be a risk taker yolo

    By not revealing to much of yourself and be logical look at all the signs.

    · the way she smiles (or if she's not)
    · the way she looks at you
    · if she starts the convo (rarely happens)
    ·If her body (or even better her feet) are pointed towards you.
    ·If she talks to your friend more then you (trying to get you jelous not intentionally.
    ·If she plays with her hair
    ·Touch her face
    ·Licks her lips
    ·Speaks her voice gets more soft
    ·Teases you

  • Food.