Is she worth staying with?

My girlfriend and I have dating for 10 months. For the first 6 months things were fine. Neither of us were on instagram and we just focused on each other. Then at month 6, right after chrismtmas I found out there was something she was doing with her friends I asked her not to do. We fought a lot about it but eventually she agreed not to. Then for about once a week every week since then we have fought about something different. New things keep popping up with her that I don't like. Dressing revealingly, posting risque pictures on her new instagram and others. Every time I asked, there was a big fight. She eventually agreed to not do what I asked. Even though she kept doing the things anyway. She made double standards for me, that she could do things like flirt with her friends while I could not.

She always asked me to not do the same amount of things. I always agreed right away and they never happened again. All the things I asked her not to do she really wanted to do. So I was basically controlling her. And she kept doing them anyway.

I tried to break up with her 3 times. But the last one was 2 1/2 weeks ago. I asked her not to do something else and she fought me about it viciously. So the next night I finally went through with it, but I immedietely regretted my decision and we got back together a few hours later. She told me she needed some time alone to think about things. Then a week later, out of the blue, she texts me out of the blue a very vicious hurtful message accusing me of being a liar. This was all because I had accidentally done something she didn't like while we were apart.

Now we're on break and have been since then. But since then she's done the things I asked her not too and shows no consideration for me. She we stay together and is a girl who doesn't consider how you feel?

  • Yes she is, try to work things out.
  • No she isn't, end things and move on.
  • Unsure/see results
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What Girls Said 1

  • You are the one who is WRONG. She is not of your possession. Keep that in mind before asking her to not dess revealing.


What Guys Said 1

  • These kind of girls never change..
    Bang her and move on or just move on without banging her... choice is urs...
    She will never be loyal to u.. make a decision