Why is he really nice/attentive one minute, then distant the next?

This happens quite a feq times: he'll be really attentive & talkative, then he is dismissive. He's my English professor (he's 30-ish, I'm 22). After class, we often chat for a while.

For example, sometimes, a group of professors and several students (including me) would go onto a restaurant and then bars after a day of presentations or classes. One evening, as several people left the bar, the table was split into two groups, and I was standing next to this prof. We were talking, and he pulled out a chair for me next to him. Anyway, he sat facing me, looking directly at me, his legs open... We were quite close and we talking, laughing... He noticed that my hair was hanging over the table, wet with drinks, and brushed it out of the way... Even though this is nothing, it felt kind of flirty, I don't think any of my other professors would do that. We stayed talking for a while, but then I think he started to worry that we were 'too cosy', and invited a guy sitting across from us to join our conversation.

However, sometimes, I get the impression that he's wary of me... For example, another night, the rest of the group had just left, leaving just us. He just said 'night' and started walking away. I was going to briefly say something to him, just thanking him for his help & saying 'see you next semester', before calling myself a cab... Noticing that I was about to speak, he looked at me with a slightly puzzled face and said, 'I've gotta get home'. The next day, seeing me in the college cafe, he briefly says hi and rushes off.

Do you think he's attracted to me? Thanks for responses
Why is he really nice/attentive one minute, then distant the next?
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