2 damaged commitment phobic people might wanting to try for a relationship?

We are personality wise 100% compatible. Felt like we hit it off right from the start, we got pretty great physical chemistry. We both have felt things we never felt for others before. It just all comes so natural and easy. Right now its more of a long distance 'relationship'( we aren't officially a couple but sometimes it seems like it). However we are both pretty damaged, I fear we would be lethal for each other in the long run. Personally I dont want to do a long distance relationship, let alone a relationship at all, yet I long for him so much. Is it just lust I dont know. Mentally I know he would be a great choice. I am pretty inexperienced in this department as my commitment issues always got in between. Im still fairly young, trying to work things out, him entering my life feels like shitty timing.


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  • could it be that the timing is right for the both of you. You both have issues but you look past them and see how wonderful the other person is. who better to help you over come things than someone who is also going thew something similar. the two of you will be the others crutch when it comes to supporting each other threw the hard times

    • Yeah that I would like to think but the problem is, for the next 2 years I will only get to see him irl for about 5 times... I don't know if i can stay loyal, if I wanna try a relationship I would want him to be here with me. I dont wanna waste 2 years of my life waiting for a failed romance.

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    • what i see is this situation is new to you and him both, but you both see something in each other , which makes it hard. its easy to make a decision when its it a black and white issue like do i like him or not. when there is a gray area like her will not be around much for 2 years, thats when it gets hard. ultimately it comes down to what is in your heart. no one can make that decision for you only you can do that part all we can do is help by giving you ideas or suggestion

    • Very true...

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  • It might scare you a little bit rn with such a big change but personally id love to be with him right this very moment. To make that decision, spend time and adjust to eachother.. Just take care of school and him. Just Dont give up. Simple.

    • I know but the thing is he moved far away, real far. Basicly for the next 2 years I would only be able to see him 5 times max. So its a difficult decision to make :/

    • Personally i just ask myself. Does love=convenience because on that note a stripper is just as good.. lol so out of principle im able to love from afar until the day comes when i go after em.

    • I hate waiting. But i think itll be worth it.

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