How do I order in subway?

I have social anxiety and today ill be going to subway to order alone and im kind of nervous because ill also be gooing at peak hours because I work.
When I order can I say "yes, can i have 6 inch turkey breast on italian bread please?"


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  • What happens--
    1.) They'll ask what you want. Just say you want a 6 inch turkey on italian bread please.
    2.) They may or may not ask you to repeat that for confirmation. If they don't, they'll ask cheese types. American, cheddar, swiss, are the types I think they have. Just say "I'd like _____." If you want bacon, say you want bacon now.
    3.) They ask toasted or not toasted. Just say either "toasted" or "not toasted."
    4.) They'll move to veggies. Lettuce, onions, mayo, salt, peper, oil, vinegar, amongst other things. They'll basically just ask "Veggies?" and you respond with "[virst veggie you want.]" They put it on. "[second veggie]" They put it on. And so forth.
    5.) Pay. They'll ask if you want chips and drink. Respond yes or no, and then pay with either credit or cash. They usually have a credit card machine you swipe yourself but it probably depends on the subway.
    6.) Go and get your drink, if you got one. They have a soft drink thing to get drinks and such.

    And that's about what happens during subway visits.

  • they ask you what kind of bread, say italian

    they ask you what kind of meat, say turkey breast

    if you wanna be polite then fine but trust me they don't give af about "please" lol

    they gon just make your sandwich fast af and move on to the next customer


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  • I hate fast food places cos too much choice and not enough time to choose. So I order fries but I don't think they do those in subway.