Was this a good first date?

We spent 6 hrs together over 2 drinks. Conversation flows and we were open to talk about anything. He did reserve a few questions and say he will tell me next time.

He tried to kiss me at around 4 hrs I told him I find him very attractive and love his company but I just don't kiss on first date he said its ok I understand that, I just have to see you again. We kept holding hands while talking until he call it a night.

When we on the street we didn't hold hands he kissed me on my cheek and hug me wishe me a good night and good weekend. And that he will speak to me soon. He open my car door close it for me then walk away


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  • I would say it was an excellent first date, it shows promise... he seems to be patient and understanding and its a good sign he didn't get butt hurt when you told him your reservations on kissing on the first date... which is good... I actually waited till my girlfriend kissed me which was by the third date... so that was a great test you put him through and he passed.. how about you guys talked for more than one hour... connection Ville... okay hopefully we get updates...

    • Yea I would rather he wait until he let me kiss him, may be he was testing me as well? To see if I'm who I claim to be. I told him I don't associate myself with sleazy guys.

      He text me in the morning (10 hrs after first day) with some funny photo and said he really enjoyed last night and would love to do it again soon. I replied to let him know I really enjoyed his company and looking forward to seeing him soon.

      He hasn't replied but he is out of town for work and won't be back until beginning of the week

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    • That's it... I just started dating again. Its magical in the sense that we enjoy each other without sex, its almost been a month... although I want to take her, and feel her physical therapy 😉 I like her so much I dont want my heart to be pursued by sex, if I can go as long as three months, waiting for that special moment I believe it will be all the better...

    • Me too. The longest I stay out was 1 month but we hav10 dates in between and he had the exclusive talk with me. However that didn't last as he found reasons to break up with me after 6 months and he never had anything longer than that.

      After that he still act like a boyfriend but I wasn't sleeping with him. I noticed one day he stopped trying I thought he might had someone get he reassure me he has no one else then I found out he was o tinder. He said he doesn't want to be in relationship. He is on tinder because he wants to be wanted and likes female companion and sex.

      After that I thought might s well just be friends with benefits while I look for someone else. He agree and since then he acted like a boyfriend but he suddenly retreat when I asked if he changed his mind he says he s going through something and talk another time.

      I was surprised as I thought sex is all he wants so this arrangement was good him

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  • Great First Date here, dear, you don't have Much to Fear for Now, it seems he is Open with You for many things that are New.
    You both got to know one another in these '6 hours' and with time, that will tell if there will be a Second Date, perhaps a potential Mate.
    Text him a "Thank you" for a Great time and sit back and wait for a Reply from this Guy.
    Good luck. xx

    • *Today's guys like to keep the date sweet and simple and cheaper at first. In case it goes sour with every hour, they can at least say "They got their money's worth."
      If the next time there is a second chance for maybe romance, suggest an Inexpensive restaurant. What I always found uncanny with a few of my own dates I have had, we went to a Buffet where you only go up Once and that Was IT... Even afterwards. lolxxoo

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    • Thanks for the Like and I am sure more in store, sis. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, sis. xxoo

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  • Sounds like it went well.

    • It shocks me as I've never had such long date in my life but also never had a date with only 2 drinks and no dinner lol

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